YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

FEP extrusion with 5kV Breakdown Voltage Test, Twice

5kV Breakdown Voltage Test is conducted twice as you see.

FEP extrusion with 5kV Breakdown Voltage Test

We always take a test of 5kV Breakdown Voltage before dispatch. It uses the cable’s principle to rotate when extruded which means up-side goes to down-side and the other case is opposite at regular intervals. This twice voltage test is very good for the customers because it blocks at the source to happen pin-hole in Teflon extrusion. The customers trust our inspection system and we can reduce our time to inspect one of our check processes. Please click the below URL to check one of our Teflon(ETFE) litz wire for EV Automobile Wireless Charging.

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