YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

Company Introduction

Since 1990

The beginning of a new world with YDK

To get over the barriers of what is possible, the development requires a comprehensive and consistent attention. Since its establishment in 1990, YDK has developed new products and manufacturing processes that focus on optimizing precision wire products. As a result of focusing on the development of wires applicable to various environments, the quality and performance have been greatly improved(ex. wireless charging for electric vehicles in real time, large capacity induction heating in a short time where our products are considered as global quality standards).


YDK has a global and unique network of international manufacturing and development capabilities, enabling you to quickly respond to the needs of multiple industries(In particular, we provide solutions that meet your needs within 24 hours of receiving your first inquiry.). In response to customer needs for specific solutions, innovative wire products were born. These days, our litz wire products use various kinds of raw-materials as per customers’ request for customization. In addition, insulators specially selected for single conductor and litz wire applications have been developed. From the point of view of litz wire application, the technique of forming a litz wire rectangle for optimized filling factor as well as additional insulation methods such as serving, extrusion, wrapping or taping have been applied.


With more than 30 years of experience working in this field, we have gained extensive application knowledge in the area of transformers and power supplies, especially in miniaturization and from ultra-fine size to 100mm OD thickest size wires. Today, this expertise is extensively leveraged in collaboration with customers in the development of new products from litz wire for components for Electric Automotive(=Vehicle), Health care and Medical, Regeneration(=Renewable) Energy, Aviation & Aerospace Industry fields, High-speed Express Railway Industry and Induction Heating use.


The reliability of YDK, especially in high-risk or demanding applications, is clearly demonstrated by choosing the ultra-fine szie to thickest size to be implemented in the electric vehicles even across the Earth’s borders. Used for space exploration. New areas that are evolving today, such as e-mobility, wireless power, alternative power and renewable energy, all utilize YDK knowledge and process capabilities of magnets and litz wire to develop innovative products for the future.

Who we are

We are Korean manufacturer and supplier producing wide-range of High Frequency Litz Wire.


Fine sizes : ultra-fine 0.030mm x 5, 1150, 2150, 3150 strands
Thick sizes : 0.100mm x 64,500 strands, double Kapton wrapped(CW, CCW), Rectangular type
Thickest sizes : up to 100mm OD; cross section = 8,000 Square mm2
Jackets or Insulations : Nylon, Pure Silk, Kapton, Nomex, sPEN, Teflon®(FEP, ETFE, PTFE, PFA), Polyolefin, XLPE, XLPO, PVC, Mylar, Dacron, Polyester etc.


Y D Kim Int’l Inc. is looking for Agents (or distributors or end users) on behalf of us in your country. Would you mind marketing our products with a competitive price and high quality? As you know well, HF Litz-Wires(hf litze or litzen in Germany) are key components for Wireless power system for Electric Vehicle(Automobile), Bus & Train, HF Transformer, HF Inductor, Induction Heating, Electronic Ballast, UPS, HF choke, Cell-phone Charger, Wind Power Generation systems, LCD & LED TV and so on. For your reference, our goods have been highly accepted in USA, UK, Japan, France, China, India, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Israel, Germany, Finland, Canada, Sweden & Australia etc, more than 29 countries so far since 1990.


Also, our company have energetically expanded business fields to Shutter Operators(Automatic & Manual), Aluminum Foils(Cable Insulation) and Motors: AC & BLDC (Washing Machine & Air-conditioner) etc. through our well-trained overseas marketing members.

Story About Our Goals

Know Us Better

Our company operation aiming all dedication and capability will make us the best manufacturers and suppliers which lead the market of HF(High Frequency) Litz Wire of the whole world. Customer-oriented, Service-oriented and Market-oriented must be the most important goals for us. Would you mind providing us your specification of litz wire & cable? We, YDK Litz Wire mfg., supply with the best solution for high efficiency of your HF transformers & induction heating components etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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