YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

Coaxial Litz Cable, 107㎟(inner)+109㎟(outer)

coaxial litz cable

Project Description

Application : for Induction Heating (20~50khz)
When : less than 12 hours for a day
Where : at the factory like steel mills or steelworks
Who : for a person who needs induction heating
What : Litz Cable with PVC or XLPE Jacket
Why : to melt the metal asap
How : by using Induction Heating

Cable Construction

Following description is that Coaxial Litz Cable is applied for induction heating to reduce parasitic capacitance to keep more distance between inner(107㎟) and outer(109㎟) conductor, which means stay away radial distance.


A : Core(Inclusion), HF-PP(6.0φ, 33000D*4)

B : Inner Conductor ( 9,522 strands ), has higher thermal resistance.
– 0.12mm(36AWG, MW-79C, 155℃, F class, UL Listed, Solderable)

C : Mica Tape(65mm width, 0.14mm thick) x 6 layers, more than 50% overlapped (= 0.14mm thick Conducto-foil 2009 tape)
– 1st and 2nd layers : overlapped in opposite direction of conductor
– 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th layers : overlapped in direction of conductor

D : Glass Tape(65mm width, 0.13mm thick) x 4 layers, more than 33% overlapped (= glass fabric )

E : Outer Conductor ( 9,720 strands ),
– 0.12mm(36AWG, MW-79C, 155℃, F class, UL Listed, Solderable)

F : PS tape (80mm width, 0.038mm thick, Transparent ) x 2 layers, more than 33% overlapped

G : Sheath, PVC ( Flexible, Flame-retardant, approx. 2.0 ~ 2.5mm thick extrusion, Black )


O.D. of Finished Wire : Approx. ( 34 ) mm less

Quantity: 1,000m ( approx. – kg, based on Cu weight )