YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

  • Electric Automobile Wireless Charging
    Litz Wire for Wireless Power of Electric Automobile
    Application : Electric Vehicle & Automobile Wireless Charging or Super Charger
  • Planetary Stage & Process for Litz Wire
    The Thickest Size Litz Cable
    100mm OD cable is available or More is possible! It is in order to flow lots of amount of current for wireless power system. In addition, we design & manufacture to withstand high voltage like more than 10kV.
  • Coaxial Litz Cable
    Coaxial Litz Cable for Induction Heating & Welding
    Litz Cable(Coaxial Cable, 50㎟ x 2), with [Core(Inclusion), NFR320(4.2φ*1) + Mica Tape + Glass Tape + PS tape + Sheath, XLPE ]
  • Litz wire producing facilities for heating among long line
    Any Kinds of Litz Wires are available!
    Please provide us your specification! We can suggest you the highest Solution & Design. YDK support you all that we can do.
  • Litz Cable for Induction Heating
    Litz Cable for Induction Heating, 300℃, for high temperature resistant
    AWG36(0.120mm) x 6,650(7/950) strands, H Class. 180℃, MW-82C + Glass Tape + XLPE(Black, Halogen Free) for insulation + Glass Tape + Kevlar(N-66) Braiding
  • Teflon ExtrusionLitz Wire Facilities
    Teflon Extrusion Facilities
    Teflon Extrusion Facilities from fine to thick size for FEP, ETFE, PTFE and PFA
  • Litz Wire and Litz Cables
    Various kinds of YDK Litz Wire from AWG48
    Various Types of HF Litz-wire, All products are custom-made. Insulation : Kapton, Nomex, Nylon, XLPE, XLPO, Teflon, PVC, Silk etc. Korean manufacturer of competitive price & high quality!
  • XLPE Litz Wire & Cable
    YDK Litz Cable for the electric bus(the primary) & HSR(High Speed Rail, 450km, the primary)
    PET film + Non-woven binder + XLPE(isolation & flame retardant) XLPE Litz-cable for wireless power of current supplying system. We lead this field of litz cable for wireless charging.
  • Kapton Litz Wire & Cable
    Double Kapton Wrapped Litz Wire of YDK
    Rectangular type Litz Cable wrapped by Kapton tape(Custom-made), AWG38 x 3,200 strands(168 strands x 19 bundles) for Electric train. Providing solution & design of litz construction.
  • Litz Wire winding process
    Trusted YDK QC(Quality Control) Team
    YDK QC & RnD are well-trained and always pursue the highest quality. More than 29 countries & 280 companies have recognized our efforts and skills. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Primary Litz Wire winding
    We always stick to the basics!
    Being faithful to the basics is the shortcut of being the world best. Quality-oriented, Customer-oriented, Market-oriented.

Litz Wire & Litz Cable Manufacturer in Korea

YDK Litz Wire with VDA6.3, ISO9001, UL, RoHS, REACH, MSDS

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Litz Wire & Litz Cable Manufacturing for "Wireless Power & Induction Heating" in Korea since 1990
- From very fine size(48 AWG, 0.030mm) to the thickest size (more than 100mm OD, approx. 8,000㎟ for VLF) -
Litz Wire Products

We design the construction and provide you solutions.

YDK Inc. have built various kinds of Litz Wire from thin size of 0.030mm x 10 to 192,500 strands as well as thickest size of 0.100mm x 64,500 stranded with Kapton or XLPE. Also rectangular type Litz Wire are available. Namely, very fine size, 0.030mm(48AWG) to 100mm OD(Outer Diameter) size, 8,000㎟. We can provide you Nylon(polyamid yarn) served, Kapton(polyimide film), Nomex(aramide paper), Teflon extrusion, Natural Silk(Mulberry, Silkwarm, Cocoons), Natural Cotton, XLPE, PVC, Mylar and Dacron type. Also, depending on each customer’s needs, our R&D dept. have developed custom designed cable and wire. FYR, YDK litz-wire have been used in many fields for maximizing efficiency. A lot of companies, government-affiliated organizations and institutes have requested us to develop custom litz wire and cable for applying their own new products. It makes us we get much more technique and skills than before. It has already been 27 years. Up-to-the-date, 100mm OD litz cable(8,000㎟ square) was developed for VLF(Very Low Frequency) radar equipment.

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Litz Wire Products

More Products
No. Wire Type Structure
01 CCA Litz Cable, Rectangular type Copper Clad Aluminum, 0.10mm x 5,700 strands, 1 layer x Kapton tape
03 TIW(Triple Insulated) Litz Wire 0.05mm x 150 strands with TIW Insulation Wire
05 Self Bonding Litz Wire 41AWG(0.070mm) x 100 strands or AWG40 x 105 strands
07 Litz Cable, Teflon Extrusion AWG42 x 9,000 strands, Teflon Extrusion
09 Litz Wire for Bluetooth 44AWG(0.050mm) x 6 strands with High Tension Fiber
11 MULTI CABLE TA 0.18/20×2C / 20 AWG Shielded Poly-U Interconnect Cable
13 Teflon(PFA) Litz Wire, CuAg Teflon(PFA) Wire, CuAg, 0.04mm x 52 (AWG29)
No. Wire Type Structure
02 Natural Silk Litz Wire 44AWG(0.050mm) x 1,000 strands, Double Natural Silk Served
04 CCA Litz wire, Kapton overlapped CCA(Copper Clad Aluminum 15%, 0.10mm x 2,850 Strands, 1 layer x Kapton
06 FEP tape overlapped Litz Wire 0.10mm x 210 strands, FEP, 67% overlapped
08 Heating Wire for a Car Seat 0.05mm(Metal Alloy) x 6 strands x 7 bundles
10 PVC Litz Cable for Wireless Power AWG36(0.120mm) x 2,700 strands, PVC Extrusion
12 Linear Heat Detector Wire 0.6mm conductor x 2 cores, 90 deg. insulation, PVC sheath
14 XLPE Litz Cable for Electric Bus AWG38(0.10mm) x 15,200 strands + PET film + non-woven binder tape + XLPE


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