YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

Major Application Fields

What application is it used and applied?

1. Electric Automotive(=Vehicle)

Among the changes driven by innovative automotive trends, pollutant generation and reduced resources have made us to reconsider the relationship between climate change and personal mobility. Improving the energy efficiency of electronic components used in automobiles is essential and applies throughout the automotive industry. Optimized design, litz wire achieves dramatic reductions in component weight and size and energy savings. The development of component technology will become more and more important in the future. (ex. Wireless charging(RX, TX), Fast power supply, Self-driving system, Robot, Inductive charging, Energy recovery)

Wireless power charging

We design and produce litz wires optimized for automotive power supplies and electronic components. As a well-known OEM partner, YDK co. is building systems for prototyping, pre-production or continuous production, and offers customized solutions for each customer. Our products meet the highest demands in terms of quality and reliability. We have an exclusive technical area in various processing fields and have been building mass production systems in Korea for over 30 years. Our manufacturing know-how is ideal for turning your ideas into well-made product solutions.

Through the industry-university cooperation research like DongWon OLEV, KAIST(National research university) and KRRI(Korea Railroad Research Institute), we have got regular collaboration with them for scientific research. In the framework of these research projects, the electrical properties of high frequency litz wires are permanently optimized. Using the data values obtained here, we design the cable to find the optimal value of RLC value that can occur in the inductive component.

Security of supply and comfort plays an important role in enabling electrical mobility, and inductive charging, a wireless battery charging technology, has proven to be the ideal solution.

2. Health care and Medical

Medical field has been developed rapidly for the revolutions with high development expenditures and strong regulations. Besides high quality, lots of confidence and rich experience, the medical facilities manufacturers require more cooperation work among suppliers as well as the stronger link between the cooperation companies of manufacturing processes miniaturization and maximizing efficiency. Specific knowledge and extensive experiences of producing skills and technology are needed for higher power density in recent medical equipment trends. Therefore, we have developed lots of insulation materials and sheaths for this high-frequency field. (ex. Medical Equipment, Medical diagnostic instruments, Lab analysis instruments, Therapy equipment etc.)

MRI Scanner

YDK co. has rich experiences more than 30 years in this field(since 1990), which means we are the first in Korea. YDK co. is a global development supplier manufacturer of the medical technology industry for high frequency litz wire. We always try to meet customers’ requirements like the highest standard of quality and trust. With our engineering system, we develops customer-specific(=custom-made)products as per their requirements and manufacture exclusive one that other competitor companies cannot meet the quality and price at its production site in Korea. We have a worldwide sales network and are represented in all major countries’ markets. With more than 30 years of producing skills in the field of stranding, bandaging, winding, profiling, taping, serving, extruding and assembly, YDK co. has various kinds of ideal solutions as per customers’ specifications and requirements.

We comply with Quality Management System(ISO9001:2015) and VDA6.3 for customer satisfaction, all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements which are the firmly oriented direction and point. A quality management system according to ISO9001:2015 & VDA6.3 is the base for this goal.

3. Regeneration(=Renewable) Energy

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal power are becoming increasingly important. The litz wire is being used as a key component in these facilities and has been and will be rapidly replacing traditional wires. These technologies will become even more essential in the future and will revolutionize the concept of renewable energy. As you know, solar power equipment is increasing rapidly around the world, and with the development of new semiconductor technology, the litz wire’s technology is also recognized for its potential in terms of utility value and cost.(ex. Inverters, Wind power, Power plant suppliers, Cogeneration)

Regeneration(=Renewable) Energy

YDK co. provides unique and special solutions for a energetic market. Specializing in the production of high frequency litz wires, we have formed a wide range of products for renewable energy. Applications already supplied include wind power generation, cogeneration, photovoltaic cells and fuel cell technology. Our team of highly skilled engineers can be the only solution that can perfectly solve your concerns or challenges. In order to meet future challenges such as renewable energy, we have steadily expanded our diverse product portfolio to satisfy our customers. Our products will satisfy you with high quality and competitive price. YDK co. manufactures products in Korea and has more than 30 years of exclusive know-how in this field and has various facilities and equipment to provide in-depth solutions to customers. Fast sampling meets your needs.

Subminiature inverter up to 99% efficiency! When using transistors made of silicon carbide(SiC), litz wire can be assisted to you in designing optimal performance and very compact design. In this case, it was common for certain frequency mechanisms to cause significant power losses during the development process. Our litz wire not only minimized these losses but also succeeded in optimizing the electrical characteristics. For instance, the number of cores, total outer diameter, sling length etc., taking into account frequency, withstand voltage, current and surrounding environment, are re-created by our engineer team to meet your needs.

4. Aviation & Aerospace Industry fields
Our products also play a key role in the aviation sector. In particular, technologies that enable sustainable operation at low operating costs are applied. For example, triple insulated wire is manufactured to maintain and implement stable quality at high voltages for the next generation of aerospace applications. By dramatically reducing the weight and size of components in the aircraft, it not only reduces fuel consumption but also improves flight stability and performance, helping to reduce more payload, reach and total operating costs.(ex. Lifting and adjusting systems, Power transmission)

Aviation & Aerospace Industry

YDK co. has considered improving products, reducing resistance losses and reducing wire size as a top priority for over 30 years. With our knowledge and technical resources, we have been constantly designing for our customers to meet the strict requirements of aviation technology. In addition, our strong solutions have steadily built up our supply chain and maintain good relationships with them.

5. High-speed Express Railway Industry fields
Two important components for competitive advantage in the rail industry are intelligent lightweight construction systems and innovative drive and control technologies for long life and user friendliness. The railway technology sector, which is characterized by reduced emissions through efficient technologies and services, is becoming more environmentally friendly. Litz-wire is used in various parts of the railway industry.(ex. AC and DC switches, Breakers, Resistors and electronics for rail vehicles : Power electronics, Electric motor, Control components, Battery charger, Lighting system, Signal system)

High Speed Rail

YDK co. has been supplying Kapton litz-wires for reactors and transformers for European TGV high-speed trains for over 20 years. This segment meets the high requirements for litz-wire. We have a special insulation technology that realizes the insulation path without partial discharge in transformers and chokes in the railway sector, where it is very important to ensure passenger safety and compliance with railway-related standards and standards. Safety, weight, footprint and cost aspects are essential requirements to be considered. For example, the number of cores, outer diameter, and sling length, taking into account the individual parameterization frequency, voltage, and other component specifications, are important design criteria.