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How to increase the energy efficiency

Applications of magnetic components

Acceptable loss

– Making the product much cheaper
– Long life of the component
– Very low energy ownership costs


Why should we use the high frequency litz wire enamel coated instead of bare copper wire ?

In many cases, designers and engineers are trying to select higher frequency than before to get higher benefit of coercive forces and denser fields to make more powerful force in a very small space. For example, in case of high frequency induction heating furnace, the increased eddy current losses increased proximity effect losses. It increases performance. The products regarding magnetic components have more power and efficiency, while smaller size and being lighter. If the frequency rises as higher, current flow’s tendency grows stronger and stronger on the surface of a copper conductor. As a result, the skin effect increases.


You should use AWG size that has an outer diameter smaller than the skin depth for maximizing skin effect of HF Litz Wire. Ideal AWG size for a particular frequency could be checked via following URL click.


If you want to know more about ‘skin effect, proximity effect and skin depth’, please click the below image for going to the page. You may find the TAP red lined. Just click it!


To manage effectively proximity effect,

The single wire must be integrated in a mutual exchanged manner to manage effectively proximity effects because each single wire’s end is disclosed to the same amount of the magnetic field the inductance is distributed almost evenly to all wires.
Each wire is insulated by very thin layer of enamel coating.
It makes all wires look equivalent in resistance and the current is divided evenly.


Choose the form you need.

– Round, Rectangular


Choose the insulation you want.

– Served, Taped, Insulated, Extruded


Q factor coil having high efficiency for inductive power transfer

– Q factor having high effectiveness is significant to maximize the efficiency in transferred power.
– The series resistance can be reduced by using a litz wire.
– This results in lots of efficiency in transferred power.