YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

Frequency Data as per AWG size

AWG size is selected by 'Frequency Band' as following data and No. of strands are decided by current amount.
Frequency Recommended Wire Gauge (mm)
60Hz to 1KHz 28AWG 0.32
1KHz to 10KHz 30AWG 0.25
10KHz to 20KHz 33AWG 0.18
20KHz to 50KHz 36AWG 0.12
50KHz to 100KHz 38AWG 0.10
100KHz to 200KHz 40AWG 0.08
200KHz to 350KHz 42AWG 0.06
350KHz to 850KHz 44AWG 0.05
850KHz to 1.4MHz 46AWG 0.04
1.4MHz to 2.8MHz 48AWG 0.03

# Remarks : AWG size is related with Skin effect & Proximity effect which means how much current could flow in the litz wire without resistance and how much effectiveness could influence the induction effect.