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The features and kinds of Cu wire

Export Packing, Payment and Shipping Terms

The advantages, applications and features

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(1) Electrolytic copper
It is usual to sell as ingots of copper(=electrolytic copper, cathode copper) obtained by electrolysis. Electrolytic copper is difficult to fabricate but purity is high due to vulnerableness. There are lots of selling cases as crude copper(=ingot copper) by melting refining and oxidation-reduction. KS D2341 should be note for you.

(2) Electrical refined copper
Electric refining copper is contained 0.02 to 0.04% oxygen by melting refining electrolytic Cu. Its standard properties is 99.2% Cu, 0.03% O2 and very small amounts of other impurities. When melting in a vacuum furnace set up by the oxidizing flame, the oxygen content gets lower to 0.02~0.04% by wood inserting after lowering the hydrogen content and increasing the oxygen concentration in the molten copper for injecting into the mold. Such electrical refined copper has features like good corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity so it is used widely for various fields as in the form of rods, wires, tubes fabricated for electric materials.

(3) Deoxidized copper
The oxygen absorbed during melting process is used to be deoxidized for making less than 0.01% deoxidized Cu by P(phosphorus) as well as the remained P volume is approx. 0.02%. We call it deoxidized copper. The deoxidized Cu doesn’t have H(hydrogen) brittleness and absorb oxygen. It also has features such as high softening temperature for welding application. However, the conductivity is lowered due to the phosphorus content. Most of them are made of pipe material used such as gas pipes, heat pipe and oil burner pipe.

(4) Oxygen free high conductivity copper, OFHC
It is cast in melting mint of a vacuum or at charcoal occuring furnace by CO gas through oxygen treatment for making OFHC. It has good conductivity and superior fabricating as well as doesn’t have hydrogen embrittlement. Therefore, its application is for electronic devices required efficiency, precision and durability . In addition, OFHC is used as a material for sealing the glass tube.
Oxygen-free copper is made of high quality copper (LME A grade, purity 99.99%) cast as well as it is melted and cast in reducing atmosphere by vacuum status or CO gas. It is less than 10ppm (ASTM standards) of the oxygen content and its features show us higher electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, re-crystallization temperature and excellent fabrication.

Payment and Shipping Terms
Min. Order Quantity : 10kg~1000kg, depending on litz wire specification
FOB Price : @US$10~100/kg, depending on litz wire specification
Port : Main port, Korea
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Export Standard Packing ( Fumigated Wooden Packing )

Litz wire has
-an excellent flexibility, solderability, anti-chemical, insulation, covering to all conductors.

Features of Litz wire
1. Low currents – Impedance transformer coils, Radio-location coils, Impulse transformer coils, Cathode ray tube deflection coils, Television, Telecommunication, Electronic ballast coils for fluorescent lamps, Lighting
2. High currents (Power electronic) – Inverters and converters, Computer emergency power, Filtering and smoothing coils, Railway material, Induction furnaces, Industrial heating, Induction hotplates, Public cooking material, Electric network inductance coils, Electric power transmission

– deflection yokes(D.Y.), fluorescent lamp ballast, hearing aids, identification systems, inductive heating elements, magnetic loading, power supply units, proximity switches, repeating coils, transformers and choking coils, ultrasonic generators, high frequency transformer, high frequency inductor, I. F. T. for frequency adjustment, width coil, electronic quick starter ballast, high frequency conductor, sonar equipment, ultrasonic equipment, radio equipment, communication equipment, television equipment, welding machine, earphone

– individual configuration, topical and consumption near disposition strategies, flexibility and speed in the complete business process, worldwide presence, active customer support nearby, high degree of process control, complete production process out of one hand

– is a well-established, technique used to counter, the Eddy-Current losses, from either Skin-Effect or Proximity Effect in Power, Transformer for Switched, Mode Power Supply
– The combination of high output currents and high frequency is deal for the use of Litz Wire.

We manage the quality control through inspection certificates as following.
YDK conduct various tests for safety before outgoing.