YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

Company History

※ The history of YDK Group have been flowed along with developing various kinds of custom-made-litz-wire since 1990. Please find our history as follows.


In earnest, the deal for another leap up begins with 1st vendors of the electric vehicle companies. Especially, a lot of EU companies started to develop new projects with YDK. Not only are we overcoming COVID-19 pretty well compared to other countries, but also one of the most impressive events is to make the first deal with one company jointly developed since 2013.


A litz cable for wireless charging was developed by a request of a French vehicle company. Withstanding the harsh conditions buried under very high temperature asphalt. The second mass production had been completed up to date.


VDA 6.3 certified for Automotive Solution.


Large size coaxial litz cables to melt down metals were developed for the quick and competitive induction heating.

In addition, we made induction heating cables with Glass Tape + Kevlar(N-66) to withstand 300°C ambient temperature.


100mm OD cable(8,000㎟ square) was developed for VLF(Very Low Frequency) radar equipment.


We succeeded to extrude Teflon(ETFE, RED) less than 0.255mm thickness on litz wire.


We supplied the cable(0.1mm x 9,900 strands with XLPE+PVC) to Korea Railroad Research Institute for wireless power of KTX HEMU(more than 400km speed). The trial test was succeeded.


Development : Litz Cable(700A), 0.12mm x 16,500 strands with XLPE extrusion + non-woven binder tape + PET film for wireless power of current supplying system of electric buses on very high frequency in Gumi, Korea.


Development : 0.060mm x 9,000 strands with teflon extrusion (round type, 1.4mm thickness, jacket color: Black or custom-made) for high frequency wireless power (current supplying system) on 23KHZ.


0.08mm x 2,500 stranded with teflon extrusion (round type, 1mm thickness for preventing pin hole, jacket color: RED or custom-made) for high frequency wireless power (current collecting system) on 20kHz.


German 'B' company suggested us to develop the cable using for electric trains and we supplied high capacity cable with Kapton lapping.


Our R&D dept. made '52strands x 0.04mm(a conductor, silver plated copper wire) with PFA(=Perfluoralkoxy) teflon extrusion' for an air equipment. The Litz cable of 16~17 square meter was developed for On-line Electric Vehicle(Wireless Power Charging System)


YDK Group developed Self-bonding Litz Wire for non-contact, contactless or wireless power system for USA partner. The application: cell phone charger, non-contact charger for various transportation, home application etc. And our product range has been enhanced as following. - 0.030mm x 1150, 2150, 3150 strands with teflon sleeving / 0.10mm x 16,500 strands with double Kapton wrapping


Our R&D dept. developed 3PLY Kapton covered as following on 29th Dec. 2011. - Kapton overwrapping 30-35% - Rectangular ( tolerance ) 0.070/1,000 strands : 3.2 x 2.7mm + - 0.2 - Rectangular ( tolerance ) 0.080/160 strands : 1.6 x 1.2mm + - 0.2 - 3PLY Kapton wrapping has an excellent corona discharge compared to 2PLY.


Y D Kim International Inc. is 20 years old for LITZ WIRE with Teflon sleeving(=extrusion) & Rolling-up Shutter Operator, Cooker-hood Motors, AC+ BLDC Motors for home appliance products, Aluminum Foils(for Cable Insulation, Vapor Barrier), Vacuum Bellows for semiconductor production processes etc.


The wireless power litz coil of smart phone was developed with a cooperative company in New Zealand.


Creation of Al-Foil(9u + 25u PET + 9u) for Cables in Japan-Market


Extension of premises with strengthening of: R&D department and the Sales Force department


Opening of second plant Reinforcements of the Research and Development team and Equipment-Self-manufacturing team.


Creation of cooker hood motors for Japan-Market(Niksil, YAMAHA)


Increase in Capital to a US$500,000 (500,000,000Won) capital.


Creation of a OEM brands for USA, European LITZ WIRE companies‘ and expanding market for USA, UK, Japan, France, China, India, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Germany, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Australia & Italy, etc.


Production for Super, Welded & Formed Vacuum Bellows for semi-conductor facilities.


Setting up of a Rolling-up Shutter Operator Manufacturing and exporting for EU Market through a distributor(GfA & Guthrie Douglas) in UK. We have had 10% market share in EU. Learn More > http://shutter-operator.com/


Setting up of a Litz Wire Manufacturing and exporting for USA, UK.


Creation of Y. D. Kim International Inc., as a Limited Company in the field home appliance motor components supplier and as of sourcing company of Japanese companies plus home appliance products and automatic sliding door systems with a US$ 100,000 (100,000,000Won) capital by its main shareholder YouDong, Kim(Mr.).