YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

Self Bonding Litz Wire for Wireless Power

self bonding type litz coil

Project Description

1. Product : Acetone Self-bonding & Varnish Self-bonding & SSB(Smart Self Bonding) Wire T100
– 0.07mm x 100 stranded or 0.08mm(AWG40) x 105 stranded or as per your specification
– Very efficient litz wire developed by YDK for wireless charging system.
– YDK SSB combined very excellent bonding strength has several features as windability, soldering, hot air bonding characteristics.
– You can also automate the process fast without any solvent. Of course, environmentally friendly.
– The stable litz wire coil is ensured by very high bond strength.
– SSB’s unique construction provide you very thin & fine coils, giving more space for designers
– Four types of self-bonding litz wires : Hot air blowing, Acetone, Joule effect(=Electric current), Baking(=Alcohol)

2. Application : Wireless power, Non-contact charger, Contactless charger for Smart phone, Cell phone, Laptop computer etc.


3. Features
A. Outstanding workability than the existing self bonding litz wire ( within 10~20 sec. depending on your facilities. )
B. Little sticking at working.
C. Long warehouse keeping ( 5~8 months )
D. Less sensitive against warehouse storage temperature.
E. Competitive price against other manufacturers in USA, Germany etc. ( 35~45% cheaper ), but same or superior quality.
F. Enhancing Q-factor value –> Concentrated energy is delivered to the current collecting system by magnetic field.
G. Certificates : RoHS, MSDS


Oven bonding temperature Solvent type Features
Polyvinylbutyral(115~150°C) ethanol, methanol easily integrated(=bonding), low sensitivity to humidity, low temperature resoftening
Polyvinylbutyral(-) ethanol, methanol solvent adhesive, a slightly higher temperature re-softening
Polyvinylbutyral(115~150°C) ethanol, methanol combined type of solvent, fast drying
Polyamide(145~180°C) ethanol, methanol hygroscopic, easy as adhesive bonding solvent
Polyamide(155-230°C) excellent hot air-coupled bonding type
Polyamide(145-210°C) combined very easily, very high bond strength
Polyamide(155-180°C) excellent hot air-coupled bonding type, wide process window, the start and end of the coil of the high bond strength
etc.(185-230°C) difficult to bend
etc.(185-230°C) very good thermal properties, high bonding strength thermosetting possible
etc.(185-230°C) ethanol 95% combined solvent type, very good thermal characteristics as thermosetting
etc.(265~310°C) sterilized by autoclave
etc.(205~250°C) re-softening a very high temperature, be stable winding process Wide process window, low out-gasing, high bond strength performance



FYR, It means changing the non-contact charging electrical energy through a magnetic field to get to your destination, go to the wireless. In other words, the energy changes through a magnetic field in a particular frequency band, wireless charging products. Placing the only electronic device on the charging pad made using litz wire is the way in which charge itself. Charge coil winding creates a magnetic field, the magnetic field, the object you want to re-charge, charge current flowing. It can be applied to a variety of consumer products such as mobile phones, portable media players, a robot vacuum cleaner. Also, the risk of electric shock or poor contact problem commonly encountered in a conventional wired chargers.

Regarding self bonding wire

Self bonding wire is a special type of enamelled wire or bondable wire. The self bonding wire is coated by additional adhesive coating and enamel, as mentioned in the form of enameled wire. It has a combined function that is activated by heat or solvent adhesive. Once activated, the adhesive bond returns a small self-supporting coil winding. This wire can provide some components, such as cost and production benefits from the application of bobbin, tape, varnishing, impregnation or can be removed.