YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

High Frequency

Nylon served Litz Wire 

Litz Wire, Nylon Served, SSC for High Frequency

[UL Listed] Product name : litz wire with Nylon served, very fine type Specification : 0.04mm, 12 strands, double served – LITZ...
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Litz Cables with XLPE for high voltage rating 

XLPE Litz Cable for Electric Bus using wireless power

A. Cable Construction – AWG38(0.10mm) x 15,750 strands(19 bundles of Litz wire) + PET film + non-woven binder tape + XLPE extrusion(Orange,...
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Silk served Litz Wire 

Natural Silk Litz Wire for High Frequency

[UL Listed] INSPECTION CERTIFICATE INSPECTION ITEM : 0.050 mm x 1,000 strands, Double Silk Served 1. Solderbility at 380C : OK 2....
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self bonding type litz coil 

Self Bonding Litz Wire for Wireless Power

1. Product : Acetone Self-bonding & Varnish Self-bonding & SSB(Smart Self Bonding) Wire T100 – 0.07mm x 100 stranded or 0.08mm(AWG40) x...
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