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Kapton Taping process, 30% overlapped

Kapton Taping & Wrapping process

Kapton Taping Process

When you wrap the Kapton tape on the wire, you must consider carefully the directions whether it is ‘S’ or ‘Z’. Sometimes, it is ‘S’ and ‘S’ directions. The others, it is ‘Z’ and ‘Z’ or ‘S’ and ‘S’. They should be changed and determined depending on die-electric voltage or flexibility. Additionally, the over-wrapping percentage is very significant as per each customer’s usage circumstance. We need to design it and make it for our customer to build the best components. For your reference, not only has Kapton tape an excellent properties to stand high voltage, but also it is very flexible. It increases worker’s labor speed and efficiency, which means cost down & economy of time. Especially, in the field of train, we supply it a lot to TGV in France. You can find more information regarding the Kapton litz wire to click the below URL.
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