YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

Litz Wire, Nylon Served, SSC for High Frequency

Nylon served Litz Wire

Project Description

Application : for High Frequency Transformer
When : less than 12 hours for a day
Where : Electric Automobile, Wind Power, VLF Radar, Wireless Power Charging, High Efficiency Motor
Who : for a person who needs high frequency and efficiency
What : Litz wire with nylon or natural silk served
Why : to make smaller and more efficiently
How : by High Frequency Transformer

[UL Listed]
Product name : litz wire with Nylon served, very fine type
Specification : 0.04mm, 12 strands, double served
– LITZ OD = less than approx. 0.195mm ( excluding Nylon thickness )
wound litz cable and wire


Test Report of Copper Wire Conductor
Model : H2UEW 0.04(mm)
Lot No : 2HU0402012 0516-1
Test Method : KS C 3006., Ac = 0, n = 2, C = 0, Re = 1
Appearance(NO flaws surface) : OK
Conductor Diameter(0.040mm / +0.001mm, -0.003mm) : 0.039mm
Min.flim thickness(Min. -mm) : 0.0050~0.0055mm
Overall Diameter(Max. 0.049mm / ±0.003mm) : 0.049~0.050mm
Pin hole(Max. 2 ea) : 0 ea
Flexibility(No crack surface) : OK
Adhesion(No crack surface) : OK
Resistance to Abrasion(Min. -g) : –
Breakdown Voltage(Min. 1.00Kv) : 2.40~2.60Kv
Cut through Temperature(Min. 200℃) : OK
Heat shock Resistance(NO crack surface) : OK
Resistance to Solvent(NO crack surface) : –
Solderability(Adhered uniformly) : OK
Elongation(Min. 10%) : 14~15%
Bonding strength(Strength is good) : –
Conductor Resistance(Max. 15,670Ω/㎞) : 14,600Ω/㎞, 14,900Ω/㎞
Decision : PASSED


Regarding applications of microwaves in medicine(source from ieee.li),
– Frequency 100 MHz ~30 GHz
– Diagnostic applications: tumor detection based on differences in tissue electrical properties.
– Regional hyperthermia integrated with MRI
– Therapeutic applications based on local heating: prostate hyperplasia, heat and other tissue ablation, angioplasty.
– Applications not reviewed: MRI(&fMRI), radiometry, motion detection.