YDK is Korea based Litz Wire and Litz Cable manufacturer.

82mm OD Litz Cable making process

AWG33(0.18mm) x 18,200 strands with Polyolefin Jacket, 82mm OD(Outer Diameter)

82mm OD Litz Cable making process for LF(Low Frequency) Antenna

When you produce a thick size litz cable like more than 82mm or 100mm OD(Outer Diameter), you should consider lots of stuff, tools and facilities’ changing which means high investment at initial stage. In case of thick size cable, we have had some problems to make small volume sample due to lots of losses, low work-ability, long preparing time, tool making and facilities changing etc. Nevertheless, we have produced various kinds of samples as per our customer’s requests and then new methods of extrusion and twisting have been developed so far.
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